Yes, Walt Frazier Wore This In Public

~ Walt “Clyde” Fazier is known as much for his fashion style as he is for his legendary career as a player and television analyst for the New York Knicks. It’s always interesting when it comes to the wardrobe selection of Frazier. Last night, Frazier was in rare form (even for him) as the Knicks were in Los Angeles to take on the Lakers. Maybe it was because it was Hollywood, I’m sorry, that’s the best reason I have.

 According to Newsday, Frazier provided a little background on the suit: He said he was furniture shopping and saw the print. He purchased the material and then had the suit made.

Some things in life you just can’t make up folks. Craig Sager of  Turner Sports has nothing on “Clyde”.

Ravens & Packers Advance In Playoffs, What’s Next For Vick?


~ Home field advantage didn’t mean a whole lot for the Chiefs or the Eagles in the playoffs this year. 

The Baltimore Ravens knocked the Chiefs out of the playoffs with a dominating 30-7 win in Kansas City. How bad were the Chiefs against the Ravens defense?  Matt Cassell is not going to want to look at the highlights anytime soon. If he does look at the tape, he wont be looking for very long. The Chiefs only had the ball for a little less than 20 minutes, the Ravens had the ball a little more than 40 minutes. The second half was all Baltimore, they looked like the defense that went to the Super Bowl in 2000. Whatever running game the Chiefs had in the 1st half didn’t make it back out the locker room after halftime. Kansas City came into the playoffs rolling and I’ve been impressed with them all season and the way they played. That was a tough way to end a surprisingly good season, they got punched in the mouth.  Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco picked on the Chiefs defense all day by throwing to Todd Heap once he realized they had no answer for him. On the other side of the field, it was a long day for Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassell who couldn’t get into a rhythm with any of his receivers. The receiver Cassell needed the most was his Pro Bowl receiver, Dwayne Bowe. Bowe had a breakout season and led the league with 15 touchdown catches. The Ravens took him out the game so well, he didn’t catch a pass … he wasn’t even thrown too. Ravens All Pro Ed Reed had a great game while playing with a heavy heart because of a personal family matter. Reed was into this game and it was obvious from some of the tackles he was making. The win for Baltimore sets up a 2nd round playoff battle in Pittsburgh against the Steelers. As history has shown us, this game will be physical, it’s going to be personal, and it’s going to be very good to watch. Read more of this post

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