Lawrence Taylor to plead guilty to misdemeanors, expects no jail time.

 ~ Pro Football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor is reportedly set to plead guilty to two misdemeanors and avoid jail time stemming from rape charges last year.

Although he could get up to two years in jail, Taylor’s attorney Arthur Aidala told ESPN that he believes Taylor will not get any jail time.

Taylor was charged with third-degree rape, patronizing a prostitute, sexual abuse and endangering a child. The two misdemeanor charges are soliciting a prostitute and sexual misconduct for having sex with a girl who was not old enough to give consent.

It will be determined at a later hearing whether Taylor must register as a sex offender.

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NFL Moves & Notes : Panthers Get A New Coach, Cromartie & Brady


  ~ Congrats to Ron Rivera for becoming the new head coach of the Carolina Panthers. Rivera becomes only the second Latino to be handed control of an NFL team. He replaces long time coach John Fox who is reportedly a leading canidate to become the new coach of the Denver Broncos. Rivera has interviewed 8 times in the past for a head coaching position before finally getting his first chance to lead a team. Rivera has a defensive background, however it’s the offense that might need the most work right away for Carolina. He has his hands full starting with the quarterback position. Rivera has to figure out if Jimmy Clausen deserves another look as the starter and that is hard to justify. The Panthers were 2-14 this past season, 1-9 with Clausen as the starting quarterback . If Rivera is looking to make a quick impression, it has to be tempting to look around for other options to lead the offense.

~ Will someone please tell Antonio Cromartie to keep quiet? The Jets cornerback followed behind head coach Rex Ryan’s comments on Tom Brady’s alleged celebration antics against the Jets and decided to co-sign by letting the world know how he really feels about Brady. When asked by Gary Myers of The New York Daily News about the alleged Brady celebrations Cromartie replied  with this response … Cromartie …    “We see that a lot. He does it a lot,That’s the kind of guy he is. We really don’t give a damn, to tell you the truth.” When then asked what kind kind of guy is Brady, Cromartie pulled no punches with his response … “An ass ****”. Oh and to put icing on the cake Cromartie added ” **** him.That’s what I think about him. I don’t really give a damn about him, I don’t have to play against him. I play against the receivers.”  When reminded that Brady is the one throwing to those receivers, Cromartie outdid himself again with this response … “Yeah, but if I beat the s— out of his receivers, he can’t throw the ball.”  This the same Antonio Cromartie who last year in the playoffs was last seen in a Chargers uniform against the Jets trying to avoid tackling (more like getting run over by) Shon Greene?  Maybe it’s the same Antonio Cromartie who was lit up by Pierre Garcon of the Colts in the divisional round. Why Cromartie would want to give Tom Brady anymore reason than to try and put up a four touchdown performance on him in a playoff game is beyond me. If it wasn’t for his 4th quarter kickoff return against the Colts that helped put the Jets in position to win, Cromartie could have been a leading canidate for the goat of the game.

Brady isn’t going to be in a hurry to throw it towards Revis Island, Cromartie  is going to get tested early and often. The Patriots may not let the media know every move they make, however you know they are well aware of comments made in there direction, especially if the one making the comments is a New York Jet.

~ I’d like to see Joe Flacco of the Ravens crank it up this weekend in there playoff matchup against the Steelers. The Ravens-Steelers history involves a lot of smash mouth football. Run the ball, run the ball, play defense, and hit hard … then hit ’em harder. It’s easy to forget that Flacco actually has the arm to air it out if needed. The Ravens put him on restraints his first couple of seasons, this season they added Anquan Baldin to the wide receivers. Ray Rice has emerged to hold down the running game and Baltimore now has a balanced attack. This could be a good time to catch Pittsburgh by surprise and let Flacco show off that arm that the Ravens saw when drafting him out of Deleware in 08′.

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