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 ~  Carmelo Anthony is headed to the New York Knicks. Where is Phil Collins when you need him? This would be a great time to hear his 80’s hit song “In The Air Tonight”. That song is a identified more closely with the city of Miami though, so maybe the Knicks can borrow “New York, New York” from the Yankees and Frank Sinatra. The last two years at the Garden has been a mixture of excitement and cautious optimism if you’re a long suffering Knicks fan. Maybe that excitement has not translated into enough wins on the court, however recent moves have shown proof that not only was a change in approach needed. Amar’e Stoudemire is here now. Carmelo Anthony is on his way. The Knicks are not miles over the salary cap because of long term contracts given to underacheiving players anymore. A plan has been put in motion. The buzz is not only back at Madison Sqaure Garden this season, it’s looking like it will be there for seasons to come.

Being a fan of a sports team is an emotional investment. Everyone wont always believe in your stock and sometimes you find yourself questioning your own belief in your stock. The stock will be up one week, down the next week. The fans rely on moves made by the managers of the stock to make the moves needed to produce a winning return and in the case of the Knicks, that would mean a playoff team that is ready to compete for a championship. If you listen closely, that’s the sound of  laughter beginning to fill up inside at the thought of the words Knicks and championship being used in a sentence. Can you imagine being entrusted with the responsibility of trying to sell fans on the New York Knicks? The Knicks … a team worth investing your emotional support. Bernie Madoff may have even passed on trying to sell that dream. This has been the role of general manager Donnie Walsh the last two years now. Walsh took over the team that was put together by Isaiah Thomas and had to quickly take it apart in order to afford making a run at a Lebron James, Stoudemire, or a Dywayne Wade. Walsh put together a team that was suited for Mike D’Antoni, the man he decided would coach the Knicks back into competition. Lebron didn’t come through the door and Wade either. Stoudemire did however and for the first time in over a decade the Knicks were interesting again and actually winning.

What makes this plan so appealing to potential buyers is the phases. In the post Patrick Ewing era, the Knicks have had a who’s who of high profile names come into town who were either bringing baggage with them or were one or two years past the basketball player they once were. Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis, Penny Hardaway, Tracy McGrady, Eddy Curry, Jerome James all came through the doors at the Garden and it wasn’t very long before we couldn’t wait to see them walk back out. As much as Isaiah Thomas tried to put together a winning team, his plan was to spend owner James Dolan’s money for as long as he could until there was no more left to spend. Get rid of one big contract, find a way to add another big contract that was even harder to move. No chemistry on the team … no big deal … just as long as the checkbook is open. It never worked. Walsh has Stoudemire now and Carmelo coming in. Two superstars now on the same team, an emerging star in rookie Landry Fields, a salary cap that can potentially land another big man and eventually afford a run at future potential free agent point guards Chris Paul or Deron Williams.

Is this a team that is built to win right now with the addition of Carmelo Anthony to it? No it’s not.  My message to fellow and potential future Knicks fans would be this:

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Madison Sq. Garden. This team finally has direction in the short and long term. Up’s and down’s will occur and what is expected may not always happen. Free spending has been replaced by Strategic planning. The Garden is going to be loud and rockin’ not just the rest of this season, it’ll be that way the next few seasons. Finally a plan worth the emotional investment that it it takes to be a fan of the New York Knicks.

NBA > Carmelo Headed To The Knicks


 ~ It’s apparently a done deal and finally the focus can return to basketball on the court. The Denver Nuggets have traded NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks in a blockbuster 3 team deal that finally brings an end to months of rumors, proposed deals, rejected deals, speculation and for Knicks fans … major suspense.

According to Yahoo Sports the trade has the Knicks sending Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler, Timofey Mozgov, the Knicks’ 2014 first-round pick, the two second-round picks the Knicks acquired from the Golden State Warriors in the David Lee sign-and-trade and $3 million. The Knicks will also trade Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry’s expiring contract to the Minnesota Timberwolves, who will send Corey Brewer to New York. The Knicks will receive Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Renaldo Balkman and Anthony Carter. Anthony is expected to sign a 3 year extension for $65 million and if all the players involved in the deal pass physicals on time, Anthony’s first game could be this Wednesday against the Milwaukee Bucks at Madison Sqaure Garden. Read more of this post

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