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~ It has to feel pretty good to be #7 for the New York Mets right now. Jose Reyes is approaching a crossroads.

The 28-year old shortstop is currently playing the best baseball of his career. Reyes has given the Mets organization everything they could possibly want from him in 2011. He is also up for a new contract at the end of the season. It’s now time for the Mets to give their fanbase what it wants … a new contract for Jose Reyes.

This wouldn’t be any ordinary new contract. Professional athletes get new contracts all the time. In most cases, the contract scale normally works this way if an athlete becomes a big time player:

  • The Rookie Contract: The 1st contract a.k.a the rookie contract let’s an athlete know that they have arrived to the party. The fans are excited because their team has a player that’s developed into a buzz.

  • The All-Star Contract: In the event that athlete lives up to the potential and buzz that got them their rookie contract, there is this contract. The athlete has become a branding weapon for their team and it’s marketing strategy. Fans come to the ballpark to see them play.

  • The Franchise Contract: Every athlete that becomes an All-Star in their career won’t receive this contract. The athlete is now at it’s highest prestige level. Their overall talent and game-changing skills has not only been recognized, it has turned that into athlete into a made man. This is the contract that opens the door to an exclusive membership. Cuba Gooding Jr. said it best as Rod Tidwell in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire

 Jose Reyes isn’t exactly Rod Tidwell, what he is though is the brightest star on a team looking for light at the beginning of a new tunnel. Winning puts fans in the seats and the Mets need Jose Reyes to win baseball games.

Ownership and upper management will have to decide sooner than later on what to do with Reyes. His production has made it increasingly difficult to do anything else but re-sign him. One look at the standings in the National League tells us that the Mets are currently in a playoff race.

The team is competitive and Reyes is a major reason why. That makes trading him look more and more hard to imagine. That leaves the Mets with 2 choices. The team can wait until the off-season and try to keep Reyes from leaving for the money he is looking for or they can go out of their way to let it be known right now they are ready to show Reyes the money.

The Mets have played surprisingly well halfway through the 2011 season. Their on the field performance has been better than projected and has helped take some of the attention away from the headlines they have been receiving off the field.

One look at the Mets roster and it should be clear how important Reyes is to their present and could be to their future. By default, this has become his team.

There is potential in Ike Davis, Ruben Tejada, Jonathan Niese, and Dillon Gee. If you listen closely … there is the sound of a buzz that’s beginning to surround Dillon Gee.

Carlos Beltran most likely is nearing the end of his tenure in New York. I remember when Beltran was introduced in his press conference. He was proud to be apart of the “New Mets”. The All-Star athlete who is now 34 years old and received one of those Franchise Contracts back in 2005 will most likely be traded away in the near future.

The jury is still out on David Wright. The superstar third baseman has not consistently played up to the billing. It was Wright who received the Franchise Contract-type money from the Mets 5 years ago instead of Reyes. Wright’s numbers in CitiField are not anywhere near his production in the old Shea Stadium. Wright’s an All-Star caliber player, however it remains to be seen if he can take the next step to be a franchise player.

I left Johan Santana out of this because the Mets already showed him the money. No one knows if he’ll regain his dominant form when he returns from major arm surgery. Before going down with his injury, all signs pointed towards Santana headed for the downside of his career.

The fanbase of the Mets has been supportive throughout the last couple of seasons. Supportive is an understatement when it comes to a team that’s last playoff game was 5 years ago and ended with Beltran looking at a called third strike with the bases loaded. It was back to back late season collaspes that followed, and then rock bottom most recently with legal and financial troubles surrounding their ownership.

Reyes has been the main reason the fanbase still believes in the Mets on the field product. His personality is just as electric as his skills set and most of all for Reyes is that at 28 he is maturing before our very eyes.

Many players have gone into a contract year and put up huge numbers that secured them long term money. In most of those cases, the investments made into those players by teams did not deliver the returns that were expected. The Mets definitely have to factor that into their thinking. However, if they don’t show Reyes the money, another team definitely will.

One things is for sure and that’s eventually the Mets are going to have to open the wallets up. So why not just do it with Reyes? This is a team that needs good press in the worst way. He’s a home grown Met and loves to play on the big stage.

Imagine the Yankees stepping in at the end of the 2011 season and putting $120 million dollars in the lap of Reyes to come play for them. The Mets can’t afford to take that kind of PR hit. Not a team that is trying to fill a brand new stadium that’s gotten as much complaints as it has compliments. For the record, CitiField has not effected the offensive numbers of Reyes too badly. He’s a triple waiting to happen everytime he steps up to bat.

 The Mets need starpower and have to do it without breaking the bank on a number of new faces with misleading numbers. Bringing Reyes back for the money he’s expected to command from the market won’t be easy. However, they can’t afford to bring in another Jason Bay either and invest the next 5 years into that type of free agent.

In Reyes, at least the Mets already have their 1 big name free agent right in front of them and already wearing their uniform. It can’t hurt to at least call him into the office and put a contract offer on the table for him to see.

It’s time to award the fans for standing by them this season and make a convincing case to them that a new era is indeed ready to begin in Queens.

Reyes is playing the game the way a franchise player is expected to play. The biggest statement the Mets organization can make to their fanbase right now is to not only find a way to re-sign Jose Reyes, they must show him the money. The franchise contract type of money.

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One Response to NY Mets-Blog > It’s Time To Show Jose Reyes The Money

  1. footballnutz17 says:

    Great piece tony, hope the Mets can keep Jose, and hopefully he doesn’t ask for Crawford money

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