NFL > Roy Williams Suing Ex-Girlfriend To Get Back Engagement Ring

 ~ In news of the wild & wacky, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams has found a way to make the headlines off the football field. According to reports, Williams is looking to get back the engagement ring from his ex-girlfriend that he … get ready for this … mailed to her. This gets better …

 Williams apparently also sent Brooke Daniels $5,000 for school and dental bills, and a taped marriage proposal to go along with the ring that is priced at $76,000. Daniels is a former Miss Texas USA who turned down the marriage proposal. Williams asked for the ring back and was told by Daniels that it was lost. At least that’s according to the lawsuit Williams has filed to regain possesion of the ring.

 According to the insurance company investigation that Williams put in motion to locate the ring, it is in the possesion of Daniels father.

 Michael Daniels has already come out and said that they never told Williams that the ring was lost and that he wants to avoid further legal issues and return Willaims the ring.

 Just another story that manages to leap to the front of the line while football fans continue to wait out the NFL Lockout.

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4 Responses to NFL > Roy Williams Suing Ex-Girlfriend To Get Back Engagement Ring

  1. patton26 says:

    I’m just still trying to get over the fact that he mailed the ring to her. Did he really think she was going to say “Yes” to that?

  2. Did she mail him back a letter saying no loser?

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