NFL > Roy Williams Gets Back Engagement Ring, Settles With Ex-Girlfriend

~ The case of the missing engagement ring (but not really missing) has apparently been resolved and Roy Williams must be relieved to put this behind him and move on. The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver found himself in the headlines for reasons that were not even close to anything football related. Williams reached a settlement with his ex-girlfriend regarding a $76,000 engagement ring when it was returned to him.

 This all started when Williams decided to propose to his then-girlfriend Brooke Daniels, by mailing her a ring. The overnight package also included a taped marriage proposal from Williams. Daniels turned him down however did not return the pricey ring. This led to Williams taking the legal route and filing a lawsuit to recover the ring.

 Apparently Daniels and her father Michael kept their word that they would look to avoid any battles in court and return the ring.

 Money has a way of changing the thinking pattern. Mailing a $76,000 engagement ring to your boyfriend or girlfriend is risky business. Especially if you’re a professional athlete who is employed by “America’s Team”, the Dallas Cowboys. Hopefully a lesson learned for Roy Williams. Money can be a damn good down payment, it’s not everything though.

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