USC Suspends Marc Tyler For Comments

~ USC recently announced that they have suspended their senior running back Marc Tyler for their season opener and also from all team activities for comments he made that found it’s way to TMZ.

 The NCAA football season is quickly approaching and I’m sure that all the teams are eagerly anticipating it to begin. However, the anticipation may not have anything to do with the excitement of chasing the national championship or making a bowl game. The NCAA has had one of it’s more memorable off-seasons in recent history and it’s mostly been for the wrong reasons.

 The latest headline involves the one team that would love nothing more than to stay out of the trouble discussion, the USC Trojans.

 Tyler appeared to be intoxicated in the video clip as he responded to a question that he said was about if athletes were paid more at USC or in the pros.

 Tyler’s response was “USC, They breaking bread.”

 Tyler wasn’t being serious when he made that comment and hopefully wasn’t being serious about the other comments he made either. However, a question like that to a young collegiate athlete who plays for a prestigous team such as USC is most likely not going to result in a answer that will miss the headlines these days.

 The off-season has been full of questionable behavior from players and coaches from big name programs. The topic that has generated the most attention is players receiving improper benefits during their playing career at their respective schools.

 When a player breaks a team rule, the size of the punishment can depend on the size of the rule that was broken. Every now and then a message has to be sent to the team and anyone watching that certain things just won’t be tolerated. It’s for the best of the team just as much as it is for that player’s own good.

 It’s easy to conclude that finding out one of your players is making distasteful comments that misrepresent the entire team would be a problem, it takes on another life though when it’s in college because it misrepresents the entire school.

 I’ve read and listened to the comments on USC’s decision to suspend Tyler and some have been for the move, some have been against it.

There are valid reasons for the suspension, I just am not sure if the biggest reason of all will get mentioned directly.

USC suspended Tyler because they have been in enough trouble lately and at some point a line has to be drawn. That line is where it starts to effect their ability to market their team the way they want to.

 At the end of the day, the business takes over. The business is the money and the money always talks. The Trojans are not about to put their athletic program under anymore negative scrutiny from the media or fans.

 A message had to be sent to Tyler that no one player should be bigger than the school and it was sent with the suspension. However, another message had to be sent to the fans that USC will no longer put up with off the field issues taking away from their performance on the field.

 ESPN analyst, former NFL superstar and USC Alum Keyshawn Johnson was once in that same spotlight as Tyler was. He pointed out the major attention USC gets while playing in the Los Angeles area. This team is the main football attraction in the area and they will continue to be that until the NFL puts a professional team back in that market.

 From Keyshawn and Carson Palmer to Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush to Mark Sanchez, the Trojans are billed as a main attraction and one of the more hotter tickets to purchase in town.

 The NCAA has their plate full with investigations of big name schools these days and they normally end in teams losing post season eligibility. That means bowl games are lost and that means potential money is lost. Major Money.

 Preserving team prestige is important, making sure fans are still coming to see your team play is just as important.

The school is still reeling from the bad press they received from the Reggie Bush problems.

 The Trojans Head coach Lane Kiffin didn’t wait long before suspending Tyler. Kiffin has had his share of bad headlines the last couple of seasons. He knows where this could potentially lead to if not dealt with right away and he is also looking to put his stamp on the USC football program.

 Tyler is still young and will hopefully learn from this experience going forward. He has to be more aware of his position now and what team and school he is representing. It’s not just in college, it’s a lesson that will repeat itself to him as he goes forward in his life.

 USC should get credit for moving so quickly to suspend Tyler, no one player is bigger than the team or school. However, in this case it shouldn’t be lost on anyone that a move like this had more reasons that went way past the mistakes made by this one player.

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