NFL News & Notes: Free Agent Moves, Trades & Head Scratchers

~ The NFL is not only in full swing now that the lockout has come to an end it is on full tilt and it’s the fast and furious. Moves, moves, and more moves have dominated the headlines as teams are scrambling to fit all of their needs into the new salary cap that is one of the results of the lockout.

 It’s an exciting time right now to be a free agent in the league and it’s an even more exciting time for the fans to see what moves their respective teams are willing to make to get the best possible chance to win.  It’s impossible to breakdown every move that has been made recently and there are still more moves to be made. However here are some notable moves that have been the talk of the town so far with the league where they pay to play …


 If there is any football team that can get Albert Haynesworth to play to his full potential, it’s the New England Patriots. To state that this is a risky move would be an understatement. However, Bill Belichick is the one head coach in the NFL that may actually get this guy to actually produce on the field and stay out of trouble off of it. Belichick is known for moves like this and it could benefit both sides.

 Haynesworth is a former defensive player of the year and it never went well in Washington for him. The Redskins needed to get him out of their locker room and all it cost New England apparently was a 2013 5th round pick. One thing is for certain and that is whatever headaches that Haynesworth caused in Washington won’t be tolerated in New England.

 Haynesworth has a chance to rejuvenate his career in one of the best locker rooms in professional sports and the Redskins can move on and close that chapter full of headaches.


 The Jets managed to make the first big splash of the free agent frenzy when they signed Santonio Holmes back to the team. The move takes the top free agent wide receiver off of the market. Losing Holmes would have been a huge blow to the growth of Mark Sanchez at quarterback.

 The team clearly isn’t done though because they are reportedly in hot pursuit of the overall top free agent on the market, cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

 The Jets all of a sudden are quickly becoming the New York Yankees of the NFL when it comes to making splashy moves that dominate the sportstalk headlines. Mike Tannebaum continues to impress as general manager of this team.

 What Tannebaum is able to do with making the salary cap work for his team is well documented, he’s a cap genius. If the Jets manage to bring in Asomugha it potentially forms one of the best cornerback tandems in recent NFL history.

 Asomugha on one side of the field and Darrelle Revis on the other side is a scary thought for quarterbacks around the league to have to gameplan around. The Jets defense is already pretty good and that’s taken them to 1 game from the Super Bowl 2 years on a row. A big-time move such as bringing in Asomugha could very well be the missing piece.


 Donovan McNabb has to be hoping that he’s finally found some stability. For the sceond straight year, McNabb will be starting over with a new team. The Redskins are sending McNabb to the Vikings.

 Time will tell if this is going to be a good move for McNabb. It works for the Redskins because they showed in 2010 that they have absolutely no use for McNabb as their quarterback. It works for the Vikings because it gives them the option of buying a little time for their 1st round draft pick Christian Ponder. If their is anyone that needs this deal to work though, it is McNabb.

 Matt Hasslebeck signing with the Tennessee Titans gives them a chance to bring their 1st round pick Jake Locker along slowly and it also closes the door on Vince Young.

 Young is expected to be released and pursue signing with a new team. The rumor mill has the Philedelphia Eagles showing interest in Young as a backup to Michael Vick.

 Vick’s backup Kevin Kolb is expected to be the next starting quarterback with the Arizona Cardnials once that trade becomes official. The Cardnials badly need stability at their quarterback position and it appears they are willing to invest big time in Kolb to be the man.

 Kolb has potential that wasn’t allowed to fully reveal itself in 2010 because of the emergence of Vick. Vick’s impact on the field was too big to keep him off  of it and it put Kolb back on the sidelines as the clipboard holder when he came back from his injuries. It’s a deal that is about timing. Kolb needs a team to prove himself to and Arizona simply needs a legitimate quarterback to put out there every week.


 Reggie Bush needs a change of scenery for the sake of his career. It hasn’t worked in New Orleans and their addition of Mark Ingram at running back was an indication of that. Kyle Orton needs a change of scenery because he simply wont succeed in Denver as long as Tim Tebow’s star continues to grow there and in the league.

 The Dolphins need a quarterback and a running back and are in talks to bring in Orton and Bush through trades. It’s looking like the move for Bush is going to get done and pairing him in the offense with another productive running back and Brandon Marshall at wide receiver could lead to some big play potential in South Beach.

 A new contract would still have to be approved by Bush to make the deal truly work. However Bush seems like someone who would embrace a move to a place like Miami because of the spotlight that comes with playing there.

All of these moves have gone on within the first 3 days of the NFL being lockout-free and more is still to come.

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