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Asomugha to the Eagles, Ochocinco & Haynesworth to New England, and The Quarterback Carousel Going Around & Around.


~ If the 2011-2012 NFL season ends up being as exciting as the aftermath of the league’s 132-day lockout has been so far, then fans are in store for a very wild road to the Super Bowl. The abbreviated off-season that has resulted from the lockout has led to a whirlwind of free-agent transactions which has seen teams scramble to sign as much talent as possible. It has made for must-see television for football fans across the nation.

 The 2011 Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes proved to be almost as captivating as LeBron James and The Decision in 2010. The former Oakland Raider cornerback was the top free agent on the market and it looked for awhile that he would be heading to the Houston Texans. Houston had other plans.

 The New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys became points of interest for Asomugha. This time it was Asomugha along with the Philadelphia Eagles who had other plans. A 5-year deal for $60 million is what it took to secure the shutdown cornerback who along with the Eagles other new edition Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, are going to give opposing teams all kinds of headaches trying to gameplan against them.

While the Eagles were putting the rest of the NFC on notice with their off-season moves, the New England Patriots were doing the same for the AFC. The Patriots went out and traded for two of the more contoversial names in the league, Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco.

 If anyone is going to get two players who once were great to play back up to that potential it may as well be Bill Belichick in New England. Like him or not, Belichick has the respect of not just his team he also has the respect of opposing teams. Players in general want to play for him and history has shown that they end up leaving their baggage at the door and falling into line with how things are done as a Patriot.

The teams that are looking to fill holes at quarterback have also made things interesting and borderline comical. I’ll try to walk through this carefully …

  • The Redskins practically give Donovan McNabb away to the Vikings for 2 future 6th rounders and a box of pens. Washington had to move McNabb, I get that much. Who’s going to be the new starter is the question that’s been presented to head coach Mike Shanahan. Rex Grossman? John Beck? How about Kellen Clemens? Shanahan has basically come out and made it clear he’s willing to stake his reputation on the decision he’ll make. It may eventually cost him his job.
  • McNabb to Minnesota means Tarvaris Jackson needed to move along and he ends up in Seattle. What works here for Jackson is that his wide receiver Sidney Rice decided to join him as well. Jackson didn’t exactly get a fair chance to develop into a starter with the Vikings and Brett Favre had a lot to do with that. Jackson is still young , with some confidence he might be able to beat out Charlie Whitehurst for the job and help Seattle move on from the Matt Hasslebeck era. Hasslebeck heads to the Titans after a long stint in Seattle. Are the Titans going to be any good on offense this year remains to be seen. Hasslebeck is there for stability until their ready to pass the torch to Jake Locker.
  • Hasslebeck and Locker in Tennessee means that the Vince Young era is over there. Young now heads to the Eagles to backup Michael Vick for at least a year. This maybe the most important year of Young’s professional career and he’s not even going to be a starter. It’s been nothing but controversy for Young off the field and it’s hindered his growth on the field. Young has a chance to go to a winning team with a winning coach. Most importantly for Young is that he gets to be the backup to Vick.Vick rejuvenated his career and image in 2010 and Young needs to soak up everything he can while he is there. It may make the difference in Young being a starter again in the league or just being a journeyman backup who never maximized his potential.
  • With Young now backing up Vick in Philly, that means Kevin Kolb no longer is the Eagles quarterback of the future. Philadelphia made sure they got back as much value as they could for Kolb who went from starting quarterback to the biggest trading chip in the league. Kolb goes to the Arizona Cardinals in the deal for  Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2nd round draft pick. He takes over at quarterback for a team that is badly in need of stability at the position. The contract he received is confirmation that he’s the franchise quarterback and with Larry Fitzgerald to throw to, Kolb is going to be expected to produce and show everyone why his value was so high.

 While the quarterback carousel continues to spin, the Carolina Panthers made sure that the top overall pick in the draft Cam Newton was signed and in camp. The impact of the new rookie payscale was made very clear as well. Last season number 1 overall pick, Sam Bradford received from St.Louis a 6-year deal for $78 million / $50 million guranteed. Cam Newton’s contract this year is a 4-year deal for $22 million / $22 million guranteed.

The Eagles made noise with the Asomugha and Young signings, they now have to figure out how to get DeSean Jackson into camp. Jackson is holding out for a raise and he definitely deserves to be paid. The Eagles need to figure out a way to get a fair offer to Jackson that will get him on the field.

Developing Storylines To Watch Out For …

  • Will Plaxico Burress return to the Giants?
  • Will the Giants respond to Osi Umenyiora’s holdout?
  • The Jets made sure Santonio Holmes didn’t leave, however they didn’t land Asomugha and have already lost Brad Smith to Buffalo, what’s their plan b?
  • Kyle Orton was supposed to be traded, he’s still a Denver Bronco.
  • Tampa Bay still is under the salary cap with cash to spend.

 The drama continues.

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