NFL > Randy Moss Decides To Retire From The NFL

~ Plaxico Burress is now a New York Jet. Chad Ochocinco is now a New England Patriot. Randy Moss is now … retired. Randy Moss has apparently decided that he’s ready to move on. Moss is a 7-time pro bowler and is known for his controversy as much as he is for being one of the great receivers to play the game. Moss is now ready to call it quits and retire after reportedly receiving an array of underwheling offers from teams. If the 34-year old actually goes through with it remains to be seen.

It’s kind of unfortunate to reach the conclusion that it’s fair to doubt Moss being really serious about walking away from the game right now. There are reasons that support that doubt though.

Moss knows as well as anyone that he is not the guy for your team that is rebuilding or going with a youth movement, not at this stage in his career.

All arrows for Moss indicated that he would use his free agency to sign with a winning team that is a piece or two away from the Super Bowl. This led to 2 or 3 teams that it logically made sense for him to play for.

 The Patriots could have brought Moss back in, he never really wanted to leave in the first place. Instead New England traded for Chad Ochocinco and gave him a 3-year contract they apparently were not willing to give to Moss. The Jets seemed like a fit for Moss until they decided to offer Plaxico Burress a 1 year deal.

Looking at all of his options beginning to slip away, it’s not hard to see why Moss thinks that maybe this is his time to retire. The talk around the league was that Moss was working harder than ever to be ready for the season and is in great shape. It just seems that right now this is about Moss not getting the feedback that maybe he expected to receive from teams.

 If Moss indeed is serious about retirement, he will go down as one of the great wide receivers to ever play the game. Moss is tied all-time for touchdowns caught with 153 and places 5th all-time in receiving yards with 14,858. His style of play at times rubbed critics the wrong way and at times that criticism was deserved. However when Moss was focused on winning, he was a game changer. Moss retires without a Super Bowl ring after 13 seasons in the league with stints at Minnesota, Oakland, New England, and Tennessee.

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