The Jets Big-Time Investing While Looking For The Ultimate Return

~ The wild NFL free agency bonanza of 2011 has produced plenty of winners and losers so far. It’s been unpredictable at times trying to figure out which teams are coming out ahead with their new investments or not showing enough at the table to put their bids in. The Jets as expected have been active investors and it’s been in their usual controversial way.

The method to the madness that is the New York Jets has made for some exciting headlines for their fanbase the last couple of years and so far 2011 has been no different:

Win: Santonio Holmes Re-Signs

Upper management made it very clear that Holmes was their top priority once the lockout ended. Holmes played a huge role in the growth of Mark Sanchez at quarterback and constantly provided the big play in their passing attack.

Loss: Nnamdi Asomugha

An aggressive investor is not going to close every deal that comes across the radar. Nnamdi Asomugha was viewed as this year’s big catch and the Jets went after him aggresively. Asomugha passed on the Jets and apparently more money as well to sign with the Eagles. Not only did the Jets lose out on Asomugha, they lost out on a chance to re-sign Brad Smith when he signed with Buffalo.

Win:  Addition of Plaxico & Return of Antonio Cromartie

Losing out on such a huge acquisition as Asomugha can make a team become even more aggressive to help offset their projected losses. The Jets basically leap frogged over the Steelers and Giants to sign Burress to a contract. At 1-year for a little over $3 million, signing Burress is more reward than risk for the Jets. It gives Sanchez a 6’5 target to throw to in the end zone and pair with the big play ability of Holmes.

Signing Burress still did not make up for losing out on Asomugha and that meant the next best option was to get back their cornerback that they tried to replace, Antonio Cromartie. Cromartie was willing to listen and of course at the end of the day a four year deal for $32 million does not hurt either.

 Getting back Cromartie is a huge win for the Jets. It was an awkward situation because Asomugha was the top cornerback on the market. However, Cromartie was right behind him on that market and the Jets needed to have 1 of those two talents on their defense. Re-investing back in Cromartie was smart and good business. Investing into Plaxico maintains the swagger and win-now mentality the Jets are feeding their fanbase.

 Time will tell if these investments will pay off for the Jets. Two years in a row they have come up 1 game short getting to the Super Bowl. It takes a great deal to even get that close 2 years in a row.

 The Giants have not made much noise on their side of town as far as moves being made so the spotlight is on the Jets to do whatever it takes to make sure that playing for a championship happens.

 The moves are controversial and they normally come with a great deal of risk. Lately it’s been the Jets way of doing business though. Invest big with the intentions of winning big.

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