NFL > Daunte Culpepper Works Out For San Francisco 49ers

~ Remember  Daunte Culpepper? The former Minnesota Vikings quarterback would like you to get to know him again as he pursues a comeback to the NFL. Culpepper worked out for the San Francisco 49ers and according to reports, did very well.

 The question remains to be answered if the now 34-year old Culpepper has enough left in the tank. He was hampered by injuries and has not played in the league since 2009. However, everyone knows the 49ers have issues at the quarterback position. Alex Smith has looked shaky in camp and Colin Kapernick is a rookie. This could be an ideal fit for Culpepper to get back into the league.

 Culpepper found success early with the Vikings and made the pro bowl 3 times. The 49ers have potential firepower at wide receiver with Braylon Edwards, Michael Crabtree, Ted Ginn Jr., and Vernon Davis at tight end. New head coach Jim Harbaugh just needs a quarterback to get them the football.


*source: Associated Press

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