NBA > Successful Pizza Chain Owner & Developer To Purchase Atlanta Hawks

~ The Atlanta Hawks apparently can begin to start focusing on basketball again as it now appears they have handled their unstable ownership situation. The Hawks reportedly will be sold to California developer and pizza chain owner Alex Meruelo. The deal also includes Phillips Arena as well. No offical announcement has been made yet and the NBA still must approve the deal.

 Who is Alex Meruelo? A very successful owner of a pizza chain and a California based developer. Meruelo would become the first Hispanic majority owner in the NBA which is very encouraging as far as increasing diversity in the ownership in the league. The Hawks previous ownership group have already sold the Atlanta Thrashers of the NHL. The Thrashers are relocating to Winnipeg. However, the Hawks will remain in Atlanta despite Meruelo’s business investments mostly based on the west coast.

The Hawks fall in that category of a team that’s in desperate need of stability. The contract they gave Joe Johnson was questionable at best. They’ve been good enough to make the playoffs and that’s as far as they have been able to get. The fan support lately seems to come and go and that’s going to be one of Meruelo’s 1st goals, to find a way to fill up the Phillips Arena.

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