NFL > The Buffalo Bills Trade Lee Evans To Baltimore Ravens



~ Lee Evans is on his way to the Baltimore Ravens and if you ask me, the Buffalo Bills did that man a favor. The Bills have traded Evans to the Ravens for a 2012 4th round draft pick, according to ESPN. The seven-year veteran wide receiver will now get a chance to contribute to a team that has a more realistic chance of making the playoffs than he has ever had while in Buffalo.


On the outside looking in this deal looks like a steal for the Ravens. However, the Bills needed to move on in the long run. Buffalo is in a major rebuilding phase (if they know it or not remains to be seen) and moving Evans out of there gives them one less headache to deal with as far their salary cap management.


Evans is a talented wide receiver with dangerous deep-threat skills and knows how to help stretch the field. He’s also in the prime of his career and going to Baltimore gives him a chance to play some meaningful games in November and December. He’s coming off of his worst season statistically in the pros. However he was also playing for the Buffalo Bills who have spent the last decade trying to solve the huge question mark they’ve had at quarterback.


 The Ravens needed to make this move once they found out Evans was available. They let go Derrick Mason and Todd Heap which left hols in their passing attack. Pairing Evans with Anquan Boldin gives quarterback Joe Flacco some comfort and more options on offense.


They also get a well respected player in the locker room which is one reason why some of the Buffalo Bills veterans didn’t respond to the news of the trade so well. The perception is that Buffalo is giving up on their season before it even starts by trading away one of their team leaders and it’s a valid perception to have. However, in the highly competitive AFC East, Buffalo knows they need to start properly preparing for the future because right now it’s hard to envision them seriously keeping pace with the rest of the division.

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